Connecting with Parents

Weekly Family Note

Keep parents in the loop! This Weekly Family Note is an editable PDF so that you can personalize it. Click here to download

Our Wish List

Make a list of the items you would like parents to help you gather for regular classroom use or for special upcoming activities. Post the list for parents to see, or send one home with each child. Editable PDF. Click here to download

Headlines from Home

This is a one page questionnaire for parents to fill out prior to Parent-Provider Meetings or as desired. Review and discuss the information together! Click here to download

Accident Report Form

Give parents peace of mind when accidents happen. This form details how the accident happened and explains what was done for the child. File a copy for your records and give one to parents. Click here to download

Authorization To Release Form

Have parents designate who is allowed to pick their child up from your setting. Keep completed forms on file for future reference. Click here to download

Photo Authorization Form

Have parents sign this form determining whether or not they want photos of their children to be taken and/or published. Click here to download

Field Trip Permission Slip

Have parents sign this slip before field trips. Includes a box for parents to check if they'd like to join your group for the trip! Click here to download

Medication Authorization Form

Use this form to keep a record of which medications each child is authorized to receive. Click here to download