For the Classroom

     Explore additional free resources: holiday calendar pieces, diploma, menu planner, accident report, and more!


Recipes for Kids

Some of our favorite recipes for playdough, bubbles, putty, and more! Click here to download

Birthday Certificate

Celebrate each child's special day with a Birthday Certificate! Blank form so you can customize the message. Click here to download

Preschool Diploma

Celebrate Preschool Graduations with a diploma! Click here to download

Weekly Menu

Plan meals using our Weekly Menu form! Fill in the form online, or print and write down your planned meals. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack. Makes a great display for parents, and a quick reminder for you! Click here to download

Photo Authorization Form

Have parents sign this form determining whether or not they want photos of their children to be taken and/or published. Click here to download

Accident Report Form

Give parents peace of mind when accidents happen. This form details how the accident happened and explains what was done for the child. File a copy for your records and give one to parents. Click here to download

Medication Authorization Form

Use this form to keep a record of which medications each child is authorized to receive. Click here to download

Authorization To Release Form

Have parents designate who is allowed to pick their child up from your setting. Keep completed forms on file for future reference. Click here to download

American Flag Display

Enrich your setting with the American Flag. Incorporate the Pledge of Allegiance as a Start Your Day routine if you wish. Click here to download

Learning Center Labels

Add to your environment with Learning Center Labels! Use these bright, colorful labels to highlight the learning centers in your setting. These will help you keep things organized, and build on children's literacy skills helping them connect language and written text. Click here to download

Holiday Calendar Pieces

Add these ready-made pieces to your calendar display. Choose from a variety of holidays to personalize your calendar display and discussion. Click here to download

Birthday Calendar Pieces

Add these Birthday pieces to your calendar display. Choose from a variety of colors. Add each child's name to a Birthday piece to recognize their special day. Click here to download

Spanish Display Pieces

Includes the numbers, colors, and shapes that are covered throughout the curriculum year. Click here to download

Blank Calendar Pieces

Use these blank patterns to create your own calendar display pieces! Decorate with drawings, stickers, etc. Substitute your special calendar day for the piece provided in your monthly kit. Click here to download